Phil Thornton

Phil Thornton

Board of Directors

SWhether it’s music or television, Phil Thornton is definitely one of the most influential individuals working in our industry. As Vice President/General Manager, Urban Inspirational at Entertainment One (eOne) out of Nashville, Thornton oversees one of the more coveted rosters currently in Gospel/Inspirational music; along with a roster expansion to include some R&B artists. Thornton has also chalked up quite a resumé as an executive producer of popular reality-based TV programs.

The entertainment mogul has a unique ear for music that he has honed since adolescence when he landed an internship at WOWI-FM in Virginia at the age of 12, and interned at Arista Records at the age of 15, where he got to work with the likes of music legends such as Notorious BIG, Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin.

Now, over 20 years later, Thornton’s passion for gospel music and musical prowess has enabled him to lessen the divide between secular and Christian entertainment.