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The National museum of African American Music offers a variety of musical programs that illuminate the rich legacy African Americans have in creating the American soundtrack. Whether you grew up on the music stylings of B.B. King or seeing Beyonce go from Destiny’s Child to a solo powerhouse, our program offerings have a little something for everyone.


From Nothing to Something (FNTS) is a series of one-hour workshops that educates students in grades K-8 and Senior classes about the music innovations that early African Americans used to create by memory and with limited resources. The program includes six different workshops: Spoons, Harmonica, Lyrics, Cigar Box Guitar, Banjo, and Wash Tub Bass. Students receive their own instruments to play in each workshop. An artist leads each presentation, which explores the music history and techniques and provides knowledge about how each instrument influenced the development of music genres.


Sips & Stanzas is a networking event where diverse professionals meet, listen, and have interactive conversations with outstanding music leaders representing business, performance, media and other industry, aspects all part of Nashville’s music scene.


The Musician’s Studio is a one-on-one interview with an African American artist whose story behind the music is often untold. This program is designed to integrate music and artists to provide an outlet for discussions that fulfill the museum’s mission.


The museum provides emerging artists the opportunity to perform and gain music business skills and knowledge through its Emerging Artists Series. Emerging Artists perform during the monthly Sips & Stanzas events, at special events and at local music venues. Poets and musicians alike have used this platform to showcase their talents and demonstrate the contributions African American artists of all genres have made to the landscape of the fine arts.


The Fine Tuning Masterclass Series is an opportunity for aspiring adult vocalists and musicians to learn from professionals who have excelled in their genre in the music industry. Class attendees will experience a blend of instructional, contextual and theory-based practices designed to help them hone their individual skills and styles as well as how to monetize their talents.


A program for high school students, Music Legends & Heroes encourages leadership, teamwork and organizational skills as high school students work together to produce a music showcase. The program inspires high school students to reflect icons and ensure that their cultural contributions and meaning are not lost in the music world today.

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