Black music is America’s music.

African Americans inspired many of today’s greatest hits, having created more than 50 genres and sub-genres comprising most of the music that Americans of all walks of life enjoy. These American artists, whose contributions are often hidden or untold, play an influential role in composing the most melodious and harmonious scores in the world. We have all been touched by this music, but we’ve never been told this story before. Now is the time. The National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) will be the only museum dedicated to educating the world, preserving the legacy and celebrating the accomplishments of the many music genres created, influenced or inspired by African Americans.

Scheduled to open in Fall 2020, NMAAM is expected to reach 240,000 people each year in the heart of Music City through its five exhibition galleries and six programs for youth and the community.

NMAAM is an investment in preserving music history – and in the future of Nashville. Once complete, the museum is expected to produce $12 million of economic impact annually each year and create more than 100 permanent jobs for the region. To bring this vision to life, NMAAM is embarking on a $60 million capital campaign: Write the Score.

It is your turn to join. You play a critical part in bringing this vision to life. In fact, if you have ever tapped your feet or clapped your hands to any form of music, you have already connected to the rhythm and soul of this museum. With an open heart and donation, you can help bring to life a place where the diversity of American music can be fully and wonderfully experienced.

Download Write the Score below, or email us at today to learn more about NMAAM’s Capital Campaign.

Please contact our Director of Development, Vince PremDas, at or 615-301-8724 for information on making a capital donation.