Welcome to a new year and a new decade! 2020 is NMAAM’s year, and as we inch closer to our grand opening this summer we want to give you an insider’s view of what’s happening behind the scenes.

As 2019 wound down, we featured blog posts about each of our galleries with an in-depth look not only at the music, but more importantly, the key historical events taking place during the eras that gave rise to a particular genre or style. We reflected on how spirituals, field hollers, and gospel formed the basis for all of the musical expressions emerging from the African American experience; traced the blues and its social impact; excavated and examined jazz’s roots; connected the dots between the Civil Rights Movement and R&B; and explored hip-hop from its earliest beginnings to its global domination. In short, we shared the story never before told about how African American musicians, artists, performers, songwriters, producers, and composers influenced the American soundtrack, and how we came to be “One Nation Under a Groove.”

But that was just a taste of what’s to come. NMAAM is, after all, a museum–it’s in our name. And a museum is meant to engage all of your senses, to provide context and visual presentations for the facts and data, and to immerse you in an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime. We want you, your family, and your friends to share this journey with us from the beginning of the year through Grand Opening and beyond. Here are a few ways to get involved now:

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Make a Donation

NMAAM is the only museum dedicated to preserving African American music traditions and celebrating African Americans’ impact and influence on the American soundtrack. And as much as our museum is a global cultural experience located in the heart of Music City, we’re also part of the local Nashville community. Serving the community is of supreme importance for NMAAM, and with your support, we can continue to provide educational enrichment opportunities for Davidson County Schools students, host monthly interactive community programming, and produce events honoring some of our most beloved and esteemed living music legends in Nashville and throughout the country. To donate to NMAAM, please visit nmaam.org/donate

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Let’s make 2020 a year we’ll never forget. See you in Nashville!