Crafting The Sound

Meshing the sounds of country and hip hop, Blanco Brown’s affectionately coined “Trailer Trap” is now apart of America’s soundtrack. The sound draws from his influences including Outkast and Johnny Cash. Brown has been named as one of Billboard’s “7 Country Acts to Watch in 2019.” Blanco is no stranger to the music industry, as a vocal producer, he has worked with artists like Childish Gambino, Chris Brown, and Kane Brown. As a songwriter, he has written for artists like Monica and worked as a background singer. In an interview with Time Magazine, Brown revealed he had been honing his sound for more than a decade. “I started doing traditional country in 2008. I added 808s [a drum machine common in hip hop production] in 2011, 2012.”

Early Beginnings 

Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, he would spend his summers with family in the small rural town of Butler, Georgia where he was exposed to everything from gospel to R&B, country, and hip hop. “I didn’t start out trying to make country music, but there are the sounds I love,” Brown stated on his website. Those worlds collide on his EP, Blanco Brown, where he showcases a mix of countrified influences with hip hop lingo to the melody of drums, spoons, tambourines, banjos, synthesizers and more creating his own genre. “I don’t necessarily think of the sound as being genre breaking,” he said. “I think of it as being culture bonding. If you listen to the messages of these songs, you’ll find it’s about the things we go through as humans, not about race.” He adds, “Making trailer-trap music really feels liberating to me because I want to bring people together.”

Music as Culture Bonding

His single “The Git Up” is an example of cultures bonding as the song has taken off becoming a must have on the dance line circuit. As one of the latest viral trends, many have taken part in the “Git Up Challenge,” inspired by Blanco’s step by step dance hit.

Brown told Time Magazine that he wanted to release his single on the heels of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” while people were still feeling the mashup of hip hop and country. “I don’t want to be looked at someone who put out his record after it started dying down. I want to get in the thick of things. I feel like my record is strong.” That decision paid off because it’s  currently sitting at number one for the third week on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

“The Git Up” Challenge Takes Off

“Two step then cowboy boogie… grab your sweetheart and check out some of the videos of people around the country dancing as part of “The Git Up” Challenge. 

Even the police took part in the challenge during a break!


Looks like the dance craze has many uses!


The challenge even made it to the news in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Going Viral

Brown told Time Magazine he wasn’t expecting the song and dance to go viral, but he is loving it. “Just to see people doing the dance and being so full of joy—it just brings me the most peace to my sanity.” Brown is proving that genres can bend in multiple directions to unite people with the joy of music.