With the groove our only guide

We shall ALL be moved

Ready or not here we come


The lyrics were written 40 years ago, heralding a new America where dancing would be a path to freedom, where music would be a catalyst for inclusion and where people of different colors would play one another’s songs. About this and so many other things, Funkadelic was right. There is indeed a party going on right now on the mothership, and there are no VIP passes. Its all-inclusive.

One Nation Under a Groove- This is a dream that represents the opportunity to educate, awe and inspire the nation. And we are doing just that. To date, the National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) educated 8,000 youth on the innovative and creative ways in which African Americans expressed themselves through the use of limited resources and memory to create music; connected 1,200 youth with prominent artists to cultivate a better understanding of the cultural and historical significance of African American music; hosted 5,650 adults through social networking programing that engaged them in discussions about America’s music culture; and reached 117,150 audience members through the provision of platforms for emerging artists to showcase their talents. Yet, there is still more we can do!

We need your help, now more than ever, to continue connecting the many voices that form the soundtrack of our American lives. With your support, we can create a museum that will inspire children of all backgrounds to read, write, and dream in unity. Together, we can create One Nation Under a Groove! Please donate today!

$100 will sponsor one artist to learn from professionals who have excelled in their music career during a Fine-Tuning Master class.

$150 will teach middle and high school aged children the art of writing lyrics through the Innovation of Lyrics and Spoken Word program.

$200 will purchase harmonicas for 20 youth to participate in From Nothing to Something program.

$300 will purchase spoons for 150 youth to participate in From Nothing to Something program.

$500 will  further the stimulating monthly discussion that Sips & Stanzas provides to adults.

$1200 will provide 80 high school students a day to connect with prominent artists to gain leadership practice and a better understanding of cultural and historical significance of music created and performed by African Americans in Music Legends and Heroes program.