Policy & Advocacy Coalition

The National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) has a responsibility to promote, protect, and preserve the interests of African American (AA) music and artists. Through discussions with artists, trade, research, and cultural organizations, NMAAM is exploring the issues and challenges aecting the historical and future legacy of AA music. NMAAM believes with adequate funding and other resources, organizations can come together to provide a powerful and credible entity that shapes, inuences, and impacts the framework for dialogue and change around AA music. There is power in the collective, and NMAAM will work with other organizations in shaping a structure which will support this effort.

With the work of this coalition, NMAAM is set to be more than a traditional museum to view collections and artifacts. This museum is destined to be an integral and engaged part in the national dialogue to represent the challenges, issues and voice of experiences that shape AA music and its people. As a result, NMAAM is in the process of gathering information from a variety of sources to establish benchmark work that will serve as the catalyst to strategically create change.

NMAAM is positioned to create a digital repository for data and work, videos, hard copy publishings through blogs, articles and reports, along with the potential creation of an entity which will protect, preserve and promote the myriad expressions of African American music and related policy issues.

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The National Museum of African American Music will stand as an international iconic cultural museum dedicated to the vast contributions African Americans have made in music.


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