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As the only museum dedicated to all dimensions of African American music, The National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) will showcase over 50 music genres created or impacted by African Americans, honor the legacy and legends of this diverse music and detail the impact this music has on musicians and consumers around the world.

From the time the United States was a colony, African Americans have created, innovated, performed and otherwise participated in the process of music making. In fact, without argument, it can be stated, that African Americans have provided the most significant cultural inputs in the development of American music. The National Museum of African American Music celebrates their tireless efforts and triumphantly boasts of the historical impact made around the world.

As a pilgrimage museum, NMAAM will draw upon a range of music and history enthusiasts to explore and celebrate African American music. The museum will tell the story of genres, instruments and vocalists that have shaped and influenced music around the world providing a platform for a national and global landscape to celebrate and honor the legacy and legends.

Who We Are

We are a committed team of music enthusiasts, dedicated to cultural preservation and to telling an accurate story of the African American contribution to the American soundtrack.

What We Do


NMAAM delivers innovative educational programs and events, and will serve as an experiential and vibrant place for the preservation, education and performance of music.


NMAAM educates the world, preserves the legacy and celebrates the contributions of African Americans and the role they play in creating and shaping the soundtrack of American life.


NMAAM is the premier place where fans, students and tourists globally go to be engaged, informed and inspired with respect to the origins of American music forms.

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The National Museum of African American Music will stand as an international iconic cultural museum dedicated to the vast contributions African Americans have made in music.


Administrative Offices

211 7th. Ave. N., Suite 310
Nashville, TN 37219
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