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The Legacy of James Brown’s Music & Nicknames

The nicknames of a person can tell you a lot about them, their life and accomplishments. For James Brown, it’s evident as soon as you start to recall his influence on various artists along with his very prominent nicknames. What comes to mind immediately? “Soul Brother No. 1,” “The Ha...

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Engage and Become Part of the Rhythm!

The African American History Foundation of Nashville has launched the Rhapsody-n-Rhythm Campaign with a goal of raising $25 million for construction, endowment and initial operations. You play a critical part in this vision.

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Our Team

Dr. Robert (Bob) Fisher serves as President of Belmont University, a position he has held since April 2000. During his tenure the University’s enrollment has more than doubled while the campus itself has expanded significantly with the additions

John Seigenthaler

A Tribute to John Seigenthaler"

Our friend and board member was a true supporter of our project. Read words from our Pres/CEO.